Terms of Warranty

ASM Terms of Warranty

1. Warranty policy

1) Warranty applies to repair only. We do not accept refunds norprovide replacement (replacement may be available for specified models).

2) Warranty last for ONE YEAR upon date of purchase except foraccessories (including google, google case, etc)

3) NO replacement will be provided for a product with cosmeticissues even if the product is purchased within seven days.

2. Terms of warranty

1) A complete set of authentication for warranty MUST be providedfor warranty to be valid:

i. Original Proof of Purchase at our authorized dealer (Photocopiesare NOT accepted)

ii. ASM Authentication LabelValid for HKSAR and Macau ONLY

iii. Warranty Card, if any

iv. Serial Number, if any

2) Period of warranty

i. Warranty last for ONE YEAR upon date of purchase except foraccessories (including google, google case, etc), misuse and abuse voidswarranty 

ii. If the product life has come to an end, warranty stopsimmediately upon the official end-of-life (EOL) date provided from the vendor.ASM is not liable to provide warranty if ASM did not disclose or announce theEOL information.

v. Repair of any products during warranty will not extend theoriginal warranty term.

3) Warranty coverage

i. We provide warranty for products purchased directly from us, orfrom our authorized dealer only. With a complete set of authentication andafter proven that the product has been used under normal circumstance, repairservice will be provided with no extra cost from the customer within one yearof purchase. Cosmetics issues are not under warranty. We may offer repairservices for cosmetics issues under customer’s payment.

ii. We provide warranty for products purchased directly from us, orfrom our authorized dealer only. After one year upon purchase, with a completeset of authentication and after proven that the product has been used undernormal circumstance, repair service may be provided under extra cost forinspection and parts. If the parts cannot be provided by the vendor, ASM is notliable to provide further repairmen. The inspection fee will NOT be refunded.

iii. Warranty covers the repairs for functional parts and softwareused under normal circumstances only. Misuse, modification and abuse voids thewarranty. Cosmetics issues, non-factory data/media are NOT under the coverageof this warranty. Any loss of data/media upon repair is NOT under the liabilityof ASM.

iv. ASM bears no liability for any loss or damage in transit.

v. Warranty will be voided IMMEDIATELY if any modification is doneto the warranty label or if the warranty label is unclear or damaged.

vi. The physical condition of the warranty label is the liability ofthe customer. ASM will not reissue warranty label under any circumstances.

4) Warranty is void under, but not limit to, the following circumstances:

i. Abuse, misuse or damage of any kind.

ii. Wear and tear or deteriorate of appearance

iii. Damage due to natural forces such as, but not limit to, naturaldisasters, etc.

iv. Not being able to provide authentication for warranty orauthentication materials are damaged.

v. Modification of any kind, including the use of third partycables, transformers, amplifiers, etc.

vi. Customer failed to provide an original proof of purchase.Photocopies, snapshots, photos, etc. are not considered to be original.


3. Fees and liability

i. Customers should contact the point of purchase within seven daysof purchase for aftersales service. The service thus is under the decision andliability of the party which the customer has made the purchase. ASM is NOTliable for the actions taken and reserves the right to provide replacement orservice of any kind.

ii. ASM does NOT provide door-to-door services of any kind.

iii. ASM will NOT bear any of the logistics cost within the warrantyperiod.

iv. Should the product falls out of the warranty period, thecustomer have to bear all the logistics cost involved if the customer wishes toreceive warranty service of any kind.

v. For product(s) that out of warranty period, inspection fee willbe charged. Inspection fee will be HKD300 if the suggested retail price of theproduct is under HKD5,000 while inspection fee of HKD500 will be charged forproduct at suggested retail price of HKD5,000 or above. Necessary part(s) feewill be quoted after inspection; inspection fee will not be deducted from thepart (s) fee. Note: The customer accepts our terms of warranty upon purchase ofour distributed products. ASM reserves all the right to the interpretation andexplanation to the terms of warranty.