Return Policy


1 Exchange of merchandise will not be accepted without a valid receipt.

2 After checked and found any non-artificial damage, exchange the same model of product must be within the first 7 days.

3 A complete package and unfiled warranty book are required.

4 Merchandise can only be exchanged once.

5 Exchange will not be accepted on items in any way damaged, altered or modified.

6 Merchandise for exchange must be in good and new condition (i.e no scratch, crack or dent,etc.).

7 We reserve the right to determine the above (condition 5&6).

8 No refund will be accepted.

* 7 days exchange guarantee is not applicable to some disposable products like cosmetics and skincare products etc. For specific warranty term of each products, please refer to specific product page.

ASM AMUSMART LIMITED reserves all the right to the interpretation and explanation to the terms of exchange.